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Mounted Boom Sprayer
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Product Description:


Type 3W-800 3W-1000 3WC-800 3WC-1000 3WC-800 3WC-1000
Tank Capacity 800L 1000L 800L 1000L 800L 1000L
Matched Tractor 75-80HP 100HP 75-80HP 100HP 75-80HP 100HP
Spray width 10M 10M 12M 12M 16M 16M
No. of spray head 20PCS 20PCS 24PCS 24PCS 32PCS 32PCS
Rated spray pressure 8bar 8bar 8bar 8bar 8bar 8bar
The spray head from Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany



With the characteristics of large spraying width, great capacity and high efficiency, mounted boom sprayer is the ideal tool for small and medium tractors, with 3 cylinder plunger pump or diaphragm pump, it has high working pressure, larg flow and is easy to be operated and maintaned. This sprayer is generally used to prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests in gardens or in the fields of soybean, wheat, corn, rice, cotton or potatos.

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